ACS Mission Strategies

Leadership Development

Leadership training and Missionary development is an essential part of our ACS strategy to reach Asia.  Some Asian national evangelists that do pioneering work or teach in the colleges are supported by ACS.  A number of leadership seminars are conducted each year to help train church leaders and church planters in, Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand. 

  • Bible Colleges and Ministry Centers – (ACS funds support some teachers and students, and some support materials, libraries and some buildings)

  • Leadership Seminars - some also having special skill training sessions in business, agriculture, and medical-dental triage (ACS funds some teachers, travel expenses, some physical materials i.e. land purchases, seeds, medical kits, dental kits, and mosquito nets)

  • Pioneer Church Planters - (ACS funds support some new church plants for a limited time as they are overseen by established evangelism committees in the country.   Each new church is started to become self supporting in the most resonable possible time that is effective in each culture.)


Literature is critical for the continuing education of the Gospel in Asia.   We encourage and help support leaders who are doing Bible translations and producing Christian magazines, hymnbooks, tracts and booklets.  These are produced in local languages of Myanmar, NE India, China, and Thailand.

  • Bible Translation

  • Christian Magazines    

  • Hymnbooks

  • Leadership Training materials


An Electronics Ministry has been an essential part of our ACS work since the 1960’s.

  • Daily Short Wave radio programs are produced in Rawang, Lisu, Wa, Ahka, Khasi, Pa-Oh, Naga, Khampti Shan and others  in partnership with Gospel Broadcasting Mission, Good News Productions and the Far East Broadcasting Company. 

  • Gospel CDs and DVD’s carry the Christian message into many remote places very effectively and economically.

Medical Care & Disaster Relief

Southeast Asia has been the recipient of a number of natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, draught, rat plague, and epidemic diseases.

  • The ACS existing ‘boots on the ground’  network for evangelism is extremely useful  to our partners for the supply delivery and follow-up of medical care and disaster support.

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