About Us

Asia Christian Services is a not-for-profit mission dedicated to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with as many people in SE Asia as possible.

"While the whole world needs the gospel, we focus on the people of SE Asia because the need for the gospel is so great. Most "unreached" people live here in extreme poverty (an average wage of less than a dollar a day.) It is the center of conflicting religions: Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu and Animism.


You can help share the good news of Jesus Christ:

- PRAY daily for ACS and our co-workers

- SHARE your contributions and gifts

- ENLIST friends, family and fellow church members to help.




George Breuer, Treasurer

To accomplish this goal

ACS works with SE Asian nationals, local churches and Christian Organizations that minister in the countries of SE Asia. Our ACS mission involves radio broadcasting, literature translation and preparation, village medical services and leadership training seminars as well as personal visits to the men and women we partner with in SE Asia.

Our Partners