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Your support continues the expansion of the gospel in South East Asia.

Almost 40 tribes have been touched through the mission works established in the footprint of J. Russell Morse. At least 40 more tribes have have not yet heard the gospel message just within Burma alone. It is the dream that all will hear and the church will be established in every tribe soon. The already established evangelism committees and Bible Colleges are expanding their outreach as fast as their very limited resources within the country allow. Our funds boost the work forward and assure an every expanding and fruitful harvest of the gospel.

Funds are sent each month to Accountability Teams to distribute to the assigned recipients. Designated funds go directly to their targets. General funds are distributed at the discretion of the Accountability Teams to works and people most needed.

All funds given go directly to the field minus 2 – 5% for administrative costs.

What We Do

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Today less than of 9% of Myanmar are Christian. In Thailand less than 2% are Christian. In Bangladesh, NE India, Laos, and western China, the statistics are similar. Most peoples in SE Asia are steeped in Buddhist religion and Buddhist Culture. In addition, the region is very tribal in nature which for many rural tribes means a strong belief in animistic traditions and evil spirits. There are 150 tribes in Myanmar alone. Today nearly 50 of those tribes have not heard the Good News in any meaningful way. In other countries like India and Bangladesh, political, religious and cultural barriers make sharing the gospel a challenge.

Woman being baptized cropped

There are great opportunities. That’s why ACS continues to support the efforts of brothers and sisters in SE Asia to reach the unreached for Jesus. We continue to pray for God to provide openings for us to reach those last 50 unreached tribes. Our focus is to support through training, prayer, and financial support, the efforts of Christians in those areas to reach the lost. Our founder, LaVerne Morse was fond of saying,

“Baptize them, train them, and send them out!”

That remains our desire…

The equipping of men and women to share the gospel and then supporting them as they go. Over the past 50 years we have equipped and sent thousands of evangelists but the work is not finished. Millions more need to hear and respond to the person of Jesus Christ and so our prayers and work continues.

Evangelists are ready to go.  Will you send?

Church Planting

Since the first century, the advancement of the Gospel resulted in the establishment of new churches. Local bodies of believers that met regularly for teaching, fellowship, the breaking of bread and prayer. It is a natural and immediate response to the saving grace of Jesus to want and need to share that with other like-minded brothers and sisters. In SE Asia family and community are at the core of the culture. Local churches are the key to establishing a presence in local villages and communities. We are intentional about planting churches wherever God leads.

  • A church becomes the center for new brothers and sisters in the area.
  • A church becomes the center for supporting the communities often with food and basic supplies.
  • A church becomes a place of love and light for the people of the village.
  • And of course, an established church becomes the hub from which we can share the Gospel.

Three images displaying church planting

Through ACS and our partner STADIA we have many opportunities to plant churches.
Evangelists are constantly praying for and exploring God’s leading as to where new works can be established. When places are identified teams of trained evangelists move to the community and begin sharing the Gospel. 

As God blesses these evangelists and a church begins, a need for space and identity becomes important. Cultural expectations and space limitations all lead to the need for a building.

$9,200 provides funds for moving the team and support for 4 years while the team gets settled and the church started.

$30,000 USD builds a building from which ministry can flow and the Gospel preached.



Asia Christian Services’ discipleship path is to bring lasting change into the people’s lives that are touched through the gospel. A deep joy in every new believer is the first evidence of the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. The powerful grip of the evil one is strong in the tribal peoples of SE Asia. Christians former lives centered around the worship of evil spirits. Fear of almost everything was common. But Jesus’ victory over the power of evil is the good news. Christian baptism is a clear defining end of the old by dying to the old life and beginning a new life.

New believers listen closely as the evangelists pass on Biblical truth. Character development becomes a visible part of discipleship. It shows up in the relationships in the family and in the village. Kindness, goodness, gentleness, and self-control are seen right away. Group Praying and singing

ACS emphasizes strong Biblical teaching and training in new life skills. The older teach the younger. Women are taught their true value and men are taught their roles as leaders and lovers of their families. Children are given a foundation of truth that redirects their trajectory and spills over into their families. Elders in churches are developed and guided to fulfill their leadership roles. Preachers are trained in multiple settings to properly teach the Bible.

Life change – learning from Jesus to be like Jesus – is the goal of discipleship.

Your generosity provides funds for ongoing discipleship programs and for leadership training.  Help us fuel disciple making in SE Asia.


Since it’s inception, ACS has been passionate about raising up and training of Christian workers to take the Gospel to the lost in SE Asia. As evangelists expanded the reach of the Gospel into new areas one of the first things evangelists did, after the establishment of the church, was to establish training centers to expand the number of workers for the area. This training would range from a month during rainy season to multi-year bible college level training. That vision continues to this day. Numerous training centers dot the landscape all over Myanmar and NE India and Thailand. ACS recently supported the establishment of a new training center among the Naga Tribe in NW Myanmar. This center will allow the training of many among that tribe to be trained to reach out to that tribe. These training centers often operate on limited budgets and struggle to provide teachers and even the basic necessities for the students.

man receiving certificate and group praying

Training also takes other forms. In addition to the centers ACS regularly sponsor seminars and teaching classes for ongoing biblical training as well as practical ministry skills and life skills. We continue to recruit teachers from around the world to go and share with Christian workers. With all of these opportunities the goal remains; to help workers in SE Asia grow in their faith and become more effective ministers of the Good News.

You can help.  $1,000 USD supports the equipping of a Christian worker. $1500 sponsors a training seminar for Christian workers.

Relief & Assistance Programs

(We have an ACS motto that says, “Never go on a mission trip empty handed.” Many regions that we serve of SE Asia have an ‘agrarian’ and a ‘survivalist’ culture. In most parts of Myanmar, the wage would be the equivalent of $2-$3 per day USD. Some tribes still practice ‘slash and burn and then move on’ farming methods. Rice production is the main food crop which requires both a wet season and a dry season. Most villages depend on the local village crop to feed them all for a year. If a ‘disaster’ occurs in the form of a flood, or a disease like Covid-19, or as in 2021 the Military Coup and the following war on all citizens, then all survival methods are upended, and the increase of extreme poverty is devastating.

For many years, ACS has provided relief work for many terrible situations. Donations are received and sent directly to the places needing help. The relief aid is given with no strings attached as Jesus’ clear instructions were to love our neighbor and serving them would be like serving him. Our significant footprint of Evangelists across the region allows us access to nearly all areas in Myanmar and the surrounding countries.

families and individuals in need of relief

Providing basic needs like rice and cooking oil or blankets and medicine in times of crisis provide an opportunity to share about the love of Christ, the freedom from evil spirits and hope of eternal life. 

ACS works with numerous international partners who specialize in relief work primarily in both food and medicine.  Organization like  I.D.E.S. (International Disaster Emergency Services) FEDWELL Foods, and FAME are our primary relief partners.

Your donation for emergency relief will go to those in need without delays or administrative fees.

Thank you for joining us in ministry to those Jesus called, “the least of these.”

You can make a difference in their lives now and for eternity.