ACS Leadership

LaVerne & Lois Morse - Founders

LaVerne is the youngest son of J. Russell and Gertrude Morse who began missionary work in Tibet in 1921 and then in China in 1927.  Laverne and Lois, along with Eugene and Robert their parents and all their families served together in Burma from 1950 - 1965.  LaVerne actively led ACS through 2011.  W hile serving as a Professor of Missions at CCU during the late 1960's, the 1970's and early 1980's, Laverne began the ongoing mission to broker resources to empower and support the ongoing work of Asian Nationals in all the South East Asian Countries.

Mark Morse - Director

The only son of LaVerne and Lois was born in Burma in 1957 and spent his early childhood there.  While a student at CCU achieving his Bachelor and Masters Degrees, he became involved in supporting the Mission and many projects that LaVerne led.  Mark established himself  in business and found that his business success was a essential means of furthering the Gospel in Asia.  Mark has now founded a cluster of businesses and built a network of supporters in an organization called Companys for Christ.  Mark was handed the batan of Director of the mission in 2011 as his father stepped down.  

Kent Odor - Chairman of the Board

Kent married Marcia, the first born daughter of LaVerne and Lois in 1975.  Kent was aware of the Morse's works in SE Asia as his father, Ivan Odor, was a pioneer of the Faith Promise Rally Movement of mission support in the 1960's and 70's. Kent is a graduate of Cincinnati Christian University with a Bachalor and Masters Degree. Kent's career has been in high level leadership in Mega churches in Indianapolis, Chicago, Las Vegas and Cincinnati.  He is a teacher in the International Class, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement.  He has been an ACS board member for 5 years and became Chairman in 2014.

George & Elaine Breuer - Treasurer

George and Elaine Breuer joined the team in 2012 as a board members and the mission treasurer.  George retired from his career work with the State of Iowa’s Public Health and Environmental Lab at the University of Iowa.  Elaine was a teacher and taught for 16 years in the Cincinnati public schools.   Both are active members of Christ Church in Mason and close neighbors of LaVerne and Lois at the Mason Christian Village.  George’s skill and wisdom have proven essential to the financial steadiness needed to support our partners in SE Asia.  

Bill McClure - Board Member

Bill McClure has been an associate of LaVerne and Lois for many years.  Bill is the Director of the Gospel Broadcasting Mission which produces the Christians Hour in the USA and also produces radio broadcasts in many languages for peoples around the world.  When LaVerne began Radio work in Asia 40 years ago, he joined GBM. Bill has served as the ACS Board Chairman in the past and has provided steady support for ACS as LaVerne has slowly stepped back from day to day leadership in the last years.

Norman Stanley - Board Member

Norman Stanley spent 38 years in education and retired from the Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute.  He holds three degrees from OSU in Agricultural Education and Higher Education Administration. He traveled with LaVerne and has represented ACS in SE Asia three times  - Thailand, India and NE India, and Myanmar - as a trainer, encourager and an agricultural explorer to survey practices and lend advice.  Norman  and his wife Carol of 47 years live near West Liberty, Ohio.

George Drake - Board Member

George Drake has been a Board Member and a traveler to Asia for over 10 years.  George and his wife Pixie have been active members of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville for most of their lives.  George retired from an IT career to expand his service for Christ more broadly in Louisville and beyond to other places in the world.  George’s encouragement, prayer and wisdom are a foundation piece of the work of ACS. 

Vern Vissel - Board Member

Vern and his wife Judi have been a global mission supporter and a friend of ACS for many years.  After a full career of computer programming including among other things, work on the Apollo Project in the 60’s and the national weather service in the 70’s.  He became actively involved in the lives of international students in the Northwest and for 15 years he has been involved in Mission work in East and Southeast Asia.  He has recently added writing Christian apologetics for science and reliability of the Genesis record to his list of activities.  His wide experience brings appreciated wisdom to the board.

Chuck McDaniel.jpg

Chuck McDaniel - Board Member

Chuck McDaniels and wife Mary have been global mission supporters and encouragers of Kingdom expansion throughout their Marriage.  Mary is a Medical Doctor and together they have taught CHE (Community Health Education) in Africa, South and Central America and Asia. Chuck recently retired from a Career with Procter and Gamble in International Logistics.  He became acquainted with ACS through the team that supports the works in Taunggyi, Myanmar.  He has now made multiple ACS trips to Asia and both he and Mary have taught many Asian workers in various practical skills.  He is a leader in the International CHE movement and has for years served as a worship band member for a prison in Ohio.

Mike Gerber.jpg

Mike Gerber - Board Member

Mike Gerber has joined ACS with a long career in Banking.  He graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in Agriculture intending to work the family Swine Business (10,000 hogs).  After graduation he took a different path that ultimately led him to be the President of a large New York State Famers Bank and finally the Director of Farmer MAC for the USA.  After his retirement, he served as an Executive Pastor for a Christian church in New Jersey.  He is now also a Board member of CDF- Church Development Fund and STADIA – A USA Church Planting Organization who are partners with ACS.  Mike and his wife LeeAnn had an extended visit to Asia in the spring to 2018.  They are active members in Compassion Christian Church in Savanah, Georgia. His wide experience and love for ACS has been a gift to the ongoing work.

Simon Thaung - Boots On The Ground

Simon was born and raised in Northern Burma and is a product in every way of the Morse family's ministry.  He grew up in a christian village established by the Morses and graduated from a college that was established by LaVerne.  He became a professor in another college established by LaVerne.  His outstanding and multiple skills have led him to be a valuable resource for ACS and all of her partners in Burma.  Simon has planted churches, equipped preachers and church leaders, led youth camps, led mission teams from America and assisted with relief and medical help during a number of national disasters.  Simon is an honored and much appreciated brother in Christ and an important asset to the ongoing work of ACS in Burma.