2024 – A New Evangelism Strategy – Build Two new Villages

Feb 28, 2024 | News

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We will purchase land and initiate two new IDP (Internally Displaced Peoples) camps in safe zones away from bombings. We will send two evangelists, plant two new churches, send two new schoolteachers and build two simple structures to house new churches and schools.

Construction of Refugee Church

Through a series of unconnected decisions this past year, ACS accidentally did this at the Hle Ku Camp. We learned that this combination was a very effective way to share the gospel and bring stability to the lives of displaced people. It was more than we could imagine.

This simple church building structure gave a centerpiece to the village which gave them a meeting place and helped stabilize the traumatized new community.

New Church

The building also gave a platform for the church planter and his message of hope and the truth of the gospel to have an audience.  It also gave the teacher a chance to gather the children and give them hope as well.

IDP Kids in School

This combo provided great results: previously resistant Buddhists came to Christ as their children were being taught the love of God in word and deed, God’s salvation reached the unreached in unexpected ways as His Holy Spirit worked. We want to do this combination two more times in 2024!