19th Golden Triangle Seminar and First Leadership Seminar in MaeSot

Feb 28, 2024 | News

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Twenty years ago, LaVerne Morse the founder of ACS began a January Leadership Seminar to strengthen the Evangelists and bring refreshment and renewal as well as continuing spiritual education. He held the seminar in Northern Thailand where Myanmar, Thailand and Laos touch in a region called the Golden Triangle. It has been a highlight event through the years.  It ceased with Covid but was renewed this year through funding from the International Disaster and Emergency Services (IDES) which has been very involved in the refugee relief along the Myanmar/Thailand border.  IDES sponsored the 19th annual Seminar in the north and began the first seminar along the border in southern Thailand.

First Leadership Seminar in MaeSot

IDES brought the faculty from the USA and provided medical kits for each conference attendee. The faculty was: Joe Putting from a Mission Minded Mega Church in Florida that supports IDES,

Joe Putting from Florida, USA

Terry Stine, the former president of St. Louis Christian College.  Over 400 evangelists and church planters attended the two conferences.  The renewal and restoration were palpable. Thank you, IDES, for your vision to make a meaningful difference along the border in the member of our Asian team!

Seminar Planning Team