Youth Seminar and Baptism

Apr 17, 2017 | Archive, Training

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Dear Brother Mark and Friends,

I arrived back home safely last evening with another two TBC faculty, Mr. Caleb and Mr. Min Naing Oo from conducting a youth and children seminar ( camp) at May Zele Church for a week where Peter is ministering. There were also five TBC students with us. They helped us teaching the children. Dear Friends, we can be proud of Peter and his wife because they are working hard in converting the Lisu ancestor worshipers. They are trying their best. Therefore many youth and children from non-believers families ( the Lisu ancestor worshipers families) were also coming to join the seminar and there were over 120 youths and the children. It is true that Peter is very much in need of a new larger church building that would provide enough space for his whole congregation. His present church building become too small for his whole congregation and some have to sit outside the church during the service. You will see this in the pictures. Being Peter’s good example, he is well respected by all villagers, his church members and those who are not converted yet ( the ancestor worshipers). Therefore, there is much potential that his church will keep growing in the future also. Even he shared me that he heard that some ancestor worshipers are saying that if this pastor keeps living in our village, our whole community of the ancestor worshipers will become converted into Christianity. I think it is exactly right. Therefore, it is very important for us to be at the back of Mr. Peter and his wife. After the seminar, we got six baptisms of new converts. Praise the Lord ! Please pray for them to be blessed by the Lord to have a new larger church building. Thank you very much. May God bless you.

Your Brother in Christ,

Manasseh Fish

P.S/ After the seminar, we had the church Easter service. The five students are left with Peter to help him teaching the children. They will come back only in the last week of this month to continue their study at TBC from the first week of May.