Yohan Mana’s Summer Ministry Report

May 9, 2016 | Archive, News

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Youth Camp 2016 (March 28-April 1)

MBI Youth Camp Team was led by R. James and me. 16 of MBI students made the team perfect. We flew to Putao from Mandalay and Myitkyina. Myanmar is experiencing El Nino: the drought, hail storm, and wind storm are everywhere. But it was totally different situation in Putao and up. The rain came early. It was heavier than ever. We normally choose hiking to Longmung every other year. But we decided to ride motorcycle. We had 11 of 125cc motorcycles for 18 persons. We thought it would be fun. Yes, we did enjoy the trip very much. The Lord turned the weather into a sunny day. It took 8 hours to get to Longmung.

The theme of this year’s camp was picked up from 2 Peter 3:18, “Transforming by God.” R.James, Zame Dangging, and I taught and preached. MBI students did the rest. We had 329 in total. There were 22 baptisms.

We took the same road for the way back to Putao. We stopped at Wurangga for one night. There is a famous stream flowing across the camp. It is famous for medicinal water. Many skin diseases have been wiped out after taking bathe in the water, and many illnesses have been clear out after drinking. We did drink not because we believe magic but because we believe God the creator has created special water for the people. It did not appear any significant for us. We reached Putao the next day at noon.

Rawang Thanksgiving Festival

Rawangs hosted Thanksgiving Festival (April 19-23) in Putao. We had only one youth camp because the people were preparing for this great festival. Thousands and thousands of people gathered together from many countries: China, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, USA, and Myanmar. We also took part in this great event. Why we did that? All Rawangs were Animists and Buddhists for centuries. We lived in primitive way in every sense. Thanks to God and missionaries who care and love us. Now Rawangs are almost 100 percent Christian. We have been saved and blessed in every aspect. We have been uplifted in every way. We have preachers and teachers (spiritual leaders), high ranking officials, technicians, musicians, educators, doctors, successful businessmen, etc. We just cannot stay silent. We went through heavy rain. It was muddy. We did not care. It did not stoped us. We worshipped, sang, danced, and ate. But it went very well. Kachin State highest officials came to give special speeches and dance with Rawangs. Nangbeh, Waliwan, Maeshaan, and Maeloon came and joined with me at the festival. I also met many friends and relatives from Thailand. Thank God for knowing him. It is really a great blessing.

Dr. Mark Krause and Team

Dr. Mark Krause and his team from Nebraska Christian College came to Pyin Oo Lwin (Maymyo). They did a seminar for preachers and VBS for the kids at our Church. They were so good at communicating our people. They brought a guitar and a Cahoon(spelling?) for the Church, and several books to MBI library. They also painted our Church.

Prayer Requests

1. As we are having climate disorder a lot of people are facing natural disasters. The flood wiped out villages, hail storm killed animals and human beings, destroyed plants, vegetables, and houses. It happens in wide range of area.

2. K. James, vice-president of MBI, is fighting with cancer.

3. Two ladies of MBI, Dakum Du Zamiram and Ninsan, are going to get married soon.

4. It is hard to recruit new students. We will not get students unless God draws them.