Water well in Maing Hsu, Myanmar provided by IDES Grant

Apr 1, 2017 | News, Relief

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This is a witness to the ancestor worshipper parents, whose children are now receiving clean water from the school. Mr. Philip and Mr. Lemesi continue to preach and are bringing others into the church through their efforts. Baptisms have been a regular happening in the village in the last few months.

The evangelists have had to purchase their water in the past for the school children because the local water source was contaminated. They now are able to not only serve clean water to the children, but also their friends and neighbors in the village. This will eliminate the cost of having to purchase the water weekly.

The project consisted of hand digging a 64 ft. deep well, constructing and installing 2ft. circular concrete rings in the well, sealing the walls and the top, and installing a device for retrieving the water. The well provides fresh water for the school children, pastor’s family and neighbors in the village of Maing Hsu.

Evangelists Mr. Philip and Mr. Lemesi oversaw the purchases of supplies and the drilling of the well. Local villagers and workmen dug and concreted the well. Because they hit large rocks in the well hole, they had to use dynamite to break up the rocks so they could continue digging.

Manasseh, the ministers, and the school children expressed their thankfulness to IDES and their donors.

Give God the Glory,,,,,,,