Update on Relief Mission for Refugees

Mar 4, 2017 | News, Relief

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Dear Brothers in Christ,

These photos are our last Relief Mission Trip to Refugees in Northern Myanmar. Hope some of you got my message at Facebook which is very popular in Asia.

Yes, As we have a great passion to help suffering, desperate refugee brothers… God opened a door. My friend gave 10 Tons of FedWell Food (Worth US $ 50,000) for Refugees. Our team implemented the project at once as it is emergency, shipping to North (1,000 miles) by train and took 7 days. Then we distributed 10 Refugee Camps.

A Refugee said..

“6 Rocket Missiles dropped in our village and [we] had to escape.. So we called our camp… ESCAPED FROM DEATH.”

Another Refugees shared,

“Our village was between KIA and Myanmar Army battle zone. We were ordered not to escape as HUMAN SHIELD. There was a big Boat and we used it and escaped at midnight by leaving homes, animals, Properties, and barns ( stored for one year food after harvest). Now We are Zero.”

A Refugee said,

“It was harvest time, But full of land mines on the road and left all the crops without harvest. Many villagers died and lost legs by stepping land mines. No Food, No Hope for our future”.

Another Refugee shared..

“We have been living this refugee camp for 6 years. No Hope for return, No hope for our children.”

It is too sad to hear many stories. We need Your Prayer Support. Your Prayer and Partnership makes BIG DIFFERENCES..

With Many Thanks,