Trash Camp Christmas Gifts

Jan 10, 2023 | News

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We call it the Trash Camp…  It’s not meant as a slight simply a descriptor of the refugee Camp built around a large trash dump on the border of Thailand and Myanmar.  Those living in the camp are refugees from Myanmar.  Fleeing persecution or difficult circumstances in Myanmar they have settled in this collection of makeshift huts and thrown together shacks.  Their physical needs are great.  Most have little or no income and no hope of going back to their homes and so life is difficult.  Health issues are prevalent.  Malnutrition is ever present.  ACS has worked in this area for a number of years providing relief, helping to provide care and opportunity for the people and of course sharing the Good news of Jesus.  In 2019 a church in Florida, through our partner STADIA, saw that need and were moved.  Through their generosity a church building was built and funds to help support the evangelist were given.  Today as a result of that gift and the efforts of Evangelist Noah and his wife that church is growing and making a difference in the lives of these refugees.  Lives have been changed by the power of Jesus.

At Christmas, the Church in Florida wanted to show their love to the refugees and to show their support for the ongoing efforts to reach those who still don’t know Jesus so they sent extra funds. Through the generous gift, the team bought candy for the children (and we can’t confirm but believe that a few adults partook as well) and shared these gifts with them on Christmas morning.  Our team reports that the smiles and joy were abundant especially after the two baptisms that followed.  Our God is truly an awesome God.  WE are humbled to see what a few pieces of candy can do and how generosity and sacrificial giving an impact people. 

We invite you to join us in this effort.  Click the Donate button and give a gift. 100% of those funds will go to provide for the basic needs of Burmese refugees.  Just type “REFUGEES” in the comment section.  Your gift will make a difference.