The 15th Leadership Seminar, Mae Sai, Thailand

May 1, 2017 | Archive, Training

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Dear Brothers,

I wondered some of you might not received the report I have sent about the 15th Golden Triangle International Leadership Seminar that was held last January 15-20,2017 at Mae Sai. It’s unbelievable that we have been organizing leadership training at Mae Sai for 15 years since the first time started in 2003! This simply because God loves the people and He wanted to see the Good News being heard by people in this region. During 15th years, almost 30 Churches of Christ have been established in this area by faithful servants of God who offered all their times, wisdom and energy.

The Golden Triangle International Leadership Seminar is a quality discipleship training program founded by LaVerne &Lois Morse in 2003. The seminar has served about two thousand Christian leaders in the past and about 50 well known speakers were invited to teach. The attendees are from Myanmar, Laos, Thai and China. LaVern Morse also taught in the first few years until he is no longer allowed to travel due to health concern. Dr. Gary Weedman, President of Johnson University taught 10 times annually since 2007!

The speakers are including Joe Garman, Director of American Rehabilitation Ministry, Bill McClure -Director of Gospel Broadcasting Mission, Mike Flinchum -Professor at Lanna Theological Center in Chiang Mai, Dr. Heekap Lee -Korean missionary from Azuza Pacific University, Rick and Nancy Jett -Director of IDES, Dr. Somboon Panyakom -President of International College at Payap University Chiang Mai, Dr. Chuliphan Srisoonthon, Dr.Ahpu Ngwapa -Professor at Lisu Bible Institute Chiang Dao, Dr. Joshua Leme -President at Eastern Bible Institute Yangon, David Fish and Simon Thaung from EBI, Jeremy Leme from MBI, for instance.

As a Coordinator for the seminar, I am blessed beyond words. I have people who love God support this program continually. Besides the supportive team from Tachilek, our team from Chiang Mai such as Samuel Leme, Ahdi Mark, Ahdi Black, Wilai and Paul Jaseng are such a strong and dedicated team. I have no Idea how to handle this program without their wisdom and assistant.

The 15th seminar this year supported the program expenses by FAME, travel expenses for the students and translators by Bill McClure of Gospel Broadcasting Mission and snacks and coffee by Mike Flinchum. The medical team from FAME conducted a day -medical service to all attendants. Such a blessings!

Thank you- Asia Christian Services, Gospel Broadcasting Mission, International Disaster Emergency Service and all friends for being a strong team for this vital discipleship training program. May God continually bless each one of you.

Much appreciation and respect,

Ps, attached are pictures from the 15th seminar at Mae Sai, January 16-20, 2017.