Sending Love and Prayer

Oct 25, 2016 | Archive, Relief

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I hope this email finds you are doing fine. _____ and I with our children often talk and pray for you with much love and respect. I wish we stay close enough to visit and talk face to face with you.

It’s been a great lost this year. We lost our spiritual father LaVerne just 2 months ago which brought sadness to many of us. We lost our king Phumipol Adulyadef last week at the age of 88 and his people are in grief. He has reigned 70 years and worked hard for Thai people. We as Christian, we are more appreciated for Jesus Christ that He died on the cross to redeemed us from our sins and brings hope into our lives. We suffer when our beloved ones disappeared from this earth, but we rejoice that he is with Jesus Christ forever and we will see each other again.

Besides directing Good Morning Foundation, I am also working with refugee children at the border of Thai Myanmar since about 5 years ago. They fled from the war and extremely poverty in their country to live at the border for long time. They are still very poor people. I believe the best way to release them from poverty is education. Their children will have a lot choices in their lives if they have education. Thus, we are planning and praying to operate kindergarten as the beginning for these refugee children. Your prayers would be very much appreciated. Mark and I always know that because of LaVerne and your support, encourage, guidance and teaching us, we are able to serve our living God today. We never forget LaVerne’s challenges us by saying “Aim for High Goals”.

Below are some photos taken from our recent trip for food distribution provided by I.D.E.S in Mae Sot, the border of Thai Myanmar. Hope you will enjoy looking them.

Much love,