Radio Team Mission Trip to Myanmar(THE RADIO MINISTRY NEEDS $1,000 a Month OF NEW SUPPORT)

May 22, 2017 | Archive, Evangelism

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The trip to Myanmar was from March 09, 2017 to May 08, 2017,

It was wonderful trip in this time. By the Lord’s leading and by your prayers, our tirp was safe. We thank you for your supporting travel expenses for this time. Make travel into other countries is the best way to communicate with radio listeners. So that we get many informations about radio listeners and what they really

need in spiritual ways by radio ministry.

We got fund from FEBC and we bought 462 radios from Myitkyina, Kachin states and we did distribute two major areas. One area was in Tanai (near Myanmar – India border) in Myitkyina, we brought 164 radios and we gave to four main churches even A.G and Baptist Church. They are so glad to see us and so impress to get short wave radios.

And next we travelled to Putao by plane. We distributed the rest 233 radios to Mulashidee mission center where they can continually distribute to churches. The rest radios we brought to Ah Wa Da village where very remote area and we need to shoot a new Lisu movie too.

We spent with villagers for one month. During we were there, we preached, encouraged the villagers, teaching dance, gave soccer training from our team and followship with villagers. We did a good jop.

When I got back from Putao to Myitkyina, I stayed with my Dad for two days and then he passed away. After I spent with my Mom for three days, I came back to Yangon and then to Thailand.

During I was in Myitkyina, I met one of our radio staff, Ezra John. He is mostly spent in China to teach at seminars. He met one of radio listener who made copy 1,200 sermons of our messages from radio programs. The other one copy 400 sermons. It made me so impressed. Everywhere we met radio listeners said they are so proud of radio programs because radio programs are like their friend. They need to listen every night.

Mostly old men and women are not able to attend Church at evening or night time. But they can listen radio

program every night and they are getting much encouragements from radio programs. We realized that the seeds that we have sowed are really fruitfurl in remote areas where no electricity or TV.

Let’s keep praying for radio ministries that they will stand firm constantly and all the staff will be in good health physically and spiritually.

May God richly bless you.

Your Brother in Christ,

Ahdi Mark