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Apr 29, 2016 | Archive, Evangelism

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Greeting from Ahdi Mark in Chiang Mai. We thank you for allow Lisu programs on every night from FEBC. Our programs are so effective to listeners in China, Myanmar, India and Thailand. We had chance to visit to northeast India where Lisu people live and it was wonderful trip to meet them. We distributed short wave radios which were provided from FEBC to them. They all are so impress to get short wave radios. We realized that they all listen our programs every night. They are getting spiritual foods from radio every night. So that they strongly request us not to stop radio programs and they really need spiritual foods from radio constantly.

Also we had visited in northern Myanmar to attend Lisu new year in February, 2016. And we did distributed short wave radios to radio listeners in Myitkyina areas. We had survey around churches in Myitkyina and found out, most people are listen our programs every night. We met many old people and they were so impress to meet us. One of old man who is listening our programs every day said, “ As Bible said one day we will meet together. Now it was happened. “ He meant, we met together when without expecting.

We have not traveled into China yet for some years. We hope if the Lord is willing, we will travel in this year. But one of our radio speaker from Myitkyina, went to China to teach Bible training continually. So that he can inform us what’s going on among Churches in China.

We had summer gospel evangelistic trip to Lisu villages during April 19-26, 2016. We did visit and showed dancing, singing, preaching and dramas each village per night. We did distribute short wave radios to those who willing to listen our programs. By the Lord’s leading we were safe and got home safely. We thank Lord.

Here’s list that we received from radio listeners.

Letters ………… 330 letters from China, Myanmar, India and Thailand

Contact………. 2000 from China

1000 from India

600 from Thai

2000 from Myanmar

Personal meet 4000 from Myanmar, India and Thai

Email and face book contact…. 100

We thank you for your prayer and supporting radios for listeners.