Jesus Film Project – A $25,000 Matching Grant Opportunity

Dec 15, 2022 | Evangelism, News

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The time is now to share the Jesus Film in Myanmar. ACS evangelists are poised and ready to use this film. They just need equipment. The evangelists are excited about this new opportunity.
In the early 1990’s, the Jesus Film Project was initiated by Bill Bright of Campus Crusade. His dream was to help every person on the earth hear about Jesus. Since then, the film has become the most seen movie of all times with more than 4.5 billion people who have now viewed it around the world. The Jesus Film Project group in
2020 produced the film into the 2000th language. The Jesus Film has been produced into 39 languages in Myanmar.
A gracious ACS donor has pledged $25,000 as a Matching Grant to help us secure the necessary Jesus Film projection equipment and provide ACS support. These funds would allow our entire church planting team in SE Asia to be able to use this resource as we pursue reaching the last 50 unreached tribes in Myanmar. The technology to this tool is now available and our post covid teams have been trained through the experiences of the pandemic to use electronic methods. We want to purchase the following:
1. Tablets with the film downloaded into them and other resources as they are available to be shown to individuals and families in house-to-house evangelism. These can be purchased for about $80 to $100 each.
2. Solar charged – battery powered projectors and speakers for use in villages where there is no electricity. We intend that this equipment would be managed by Evangelism Committees that are regionally organized. ACS is connected to about 20 Evangelism teams. Each team includes a number of existing churches and purposefully plants new churches with new evangelists as they are available. Each team has access to five or more different
tribes in its region. This tool can be purchased for about $800 each.
3. Higher lumen plug in projectors to be used in some of our Bible Colleges and Training Centers. These can be purchased for about $1500 with speakers.
4. Our initial target is:
A. 20 tablets ………………………………………… $2,000
B. 10 solar charged projector sets …………… $8,000
C. 10 high lumen projectors …………………. $15,000
Total… $25,000
Please consider helping us reach this goal. We believe it is the right time to add this very practical tool to our church planting toolbox. If you are interested in giving click on Donate and then Evangelism and under Comments type “Jesus Film”