Fellowship Tour

Jan 18, 2017 | Archive, News

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Dear Friends,

Through the Lord’s grace, I arrived back home safely yesterday from making a fellowship tour with the students. There were 20 students who were with me on last fellowship tour. We made this tour with Aaron, the president’s support. The purposes of the fellowship tour are (1) To make known of TBC to the churches of Putao ( 2) To help the students equipping the practical ministry skills, social and relational skills (3 )To help the student enrich the regional knowledge. I learned that there are some our TBC graduates serving the Lord in Putao area and all church leaders fully recommended that our TBC graduates are skillful in ministry, teaching, preaching and in other ministry skills also. All churches are happy to learn that TBC is emerging as an outstanding biblical training center.

We arrived at Mularshede village, Putao by flight on Dec 23. Then, we participated in the Christmas Convention held at Mularshede village from Dec 23 to 25. I also preached in a service and our students also participated in the Christmas Night concerts conducted in each night. After the Christmas Convention, starting from Dec 26, we visited 12 churches, from one church to another for fellowship and encouragement. In some places, the roads are muddy and so bad. Some go by motorcycles and some on foot. At each church, we were warmly welcome by them. One thing is that now is the cold season and the weather is so cold in Putao. So, we suffered a lot at night from cold but we did our best in fellowship. Every morning, we had to make warm near the fireplaces like in the pictures. We are served with meal packed with a kind of green leaves which has a kind of good smell. This is the way the regional people serve the people like in Christmas Convention and other ceremonies. I sent some pictures of our tours. Thank you very much for your prayer and support. God bless you.

Your Brother in Christ,