Aug 21, 2016 | Archive, Evangelism

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Last week, Mr.Lemesi and Mr. Philip went to visit a new Lisu ancestor worshiper village which is about 40 miles far from Maing Hsu by hiring two motorcycles. However, Mr. Lemesi told me that one of the motorcycles is too old and they got engine trouble on the way and thus , they were delayed for 3 hours to arrive at the village. They told me that they were warmly welcome by them and discussed about their plan of coming to teach them the Lisu alphabets, reading and writing in next summer time between next Jan to May. They said all villagers wholeheartedly agreed with them. So, they will go back to this village in next Summer to teach Lisu literature that they can introduce bible teaching later..

Another exciting news is that on their way, they also found another tribe, Palaung tribe. They also learned that these Palaung children are the same with those Lisu ancestor worshiper’s children. Their villages are located in the deep jungle isolate and there is no a single public school. Thus, these Palaung children are also losing the opportunity of going to school. Therefore, Lemesi and Philip told me that if we can help some of their children, may be two or three in next school year, it is sure another gospel door for this Palaung tribe will be opened. So, please remember this in your prayer. This Palaung is one of unreached in Myanmar. I sent some pictures of Lemesi and Philip visit to the village including the picture of Philip visiting the hospital and praying for the patients at Maing Hsu. Thank you very much. May God bless you.

Your Brother in Christ

P.S/ Please help us raising the fund for motorcycles for the three evangelists. If they have their own, they will be able to go for evangelism at any time and also they can help those Lisu ancestor worshipers who would like to come to join with Sunday worship service with transportation.