10,000 New Hymnbooks – Replacing Those Destroyed in the 2015 flood

Nov 14, 2016 | Archive, Relief

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Dear _____,

Greetings from Myanmar. Thank you so much for funding to print this new Hymn book. It is the best quality as we printed in Thailand.

Yes, we received 8,000 Hymn Books. David Morse sent his fellow friends to Thailand Myanmar border and we went to get there and shipped to Myanmar.

Dedication Service of New Hymn Books

We killed a cow for Thanksgiving of this new hymn book at Bethany Christian Church, Maesod. And we celebrated another dedication service in Yangon.

Now we started distributing this new Hymn books to churches at flood devastated area. They are very happy to get this new Hymn book and started praising God. We all have peace and great joy to praise God by this new Hymn Book. Scripture readings are also good for growth.

Let God’s Mighty Name is praised forever and ever. Amen.

– Simon Thaung

[8,000 of these hymnbooks were sent into Myanmar. The other 2,000 will be shared with those in refugee camps on the Thailand border.]